Thursday, March 3, 2011


Two of Magic Silk's best selling lines, My Hot Angel and The Polka Dot Collection, propelled the company to one of its most successful Valentine's Day seasons ever. 

My Hot Angel their bedroom fantasy line, sold over 12,000 units.  It is currently available in twelve different styles, each with a unique theme designed for lively role playing in the boudoir. 

Due to exceptionally high demand, six new styles will be released in the fall of 2011.
All garments will be sold in the company’s striking new packaging.

Magic Silk president Jeff Baker candidly admits that even he was taken aback by the enormous success of My Hot Angel.  “We expected the line to take off,” he emphasizes, “but it succeeded beyond our wildest expectations.  And the strong reorder rate, in such a short amount of time, really bodes well for the future.” 

The Polka Dot Collection manufactured under the company’s Exposed brand, was also a big hit for Valentine’s Day.  These sexy, well crafted collection come in six different styles, including cupless and peek-a-boo. They combine black, soft mesh fabric with a vibrant pink polka dot print.

The garment is not holiday specific, according to Baker, and is expected to produce strong sales throughout the year.

Riding a wave of positive momentum, Magic Silk will introduce five new collections at the March International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, and many more exciting lines throughout the year. 

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